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Personal blog. Everything and anything to do with #IBMCloud technology. All thoughts/comments welcome. Sharing as I learn, learning as I share :]

About Ronan

I work as an IBM Cloud Advisor - a trusted advisor on all things cloud for IBM’s clients in Ireland. I've been working with IBM since June 2000. I've worked on a variety of different technologies and always found I love technical writing, especially earlier in my career when I co-authored a number of IBM Redbooks and published various IBM developerWorks articles – now turning my attention to blogging.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my career to date, take a look at my LinkedIn profile. You’ll find links to some of the conferences I’ve spoke at, papers I’ve published and wikis I’ve contributed to if you Google Ronan Dalton IBM.

Would be cool if you wanted to hook up and connect on Twitter – I’m this guy @daltonology